For immediate assistance, please call 1-800-421-4692.

Diagnostic and Clinical Division
Blood Lead Brian Wels, Ph.D.
Maternal Screening Michelle Sexton
Microbiology Ryan Jepson
Molecular Biology Jeff Benfer
Newborn Screening Travis Henry, Ph.D.
Newborn and Maternal Screening Programs Stanton Berberich, Ph.D.
Serology Michelle Sexton
Associate Director Wade K. Aldous, Ph.D., (D) ABMM
Environmental Health Division
Environmental Price Quote
Air Quality Amanda Hughes
Analytical Services Terence Cain and Sarah May - Coralville, IA
Jessica Elliott and Brian Wels - Ankeny, IA
Dennis Heimdal - Milford, IA
Environmental Microbiology Nancy Hall
Lab Certification Don Simmons, Ph.D.
Limnology Mike Birmingham - Coralville, IA, Jim Luzier - Ankeny, IA, or
Dennis Heimdal - Milford, IA
Radiochemistry and Inorganic Chemistry Dustin May
Interim Associate Director Michael D. Schueller, M.S.
Support Services
Billing John Negley
Client Services and Sample Kits Sherri Marine
Education/Outreach and STEM Beth Hochstedler
Emergency Preparedness Wanda Reiter Kintz, Ph.D.
Facility Management and Security Bill Berger
Information and Technology Frank Delin
Shipping Kevin Singleman
Test Results Web Portal Mike Hayek
Associate Director Sarah M. Dricken, M.B.A.
Michael A. Pentella, Ph.D.
Sample Receiving
Image of sample receiving in Coralville. Coralville: The Sample Receiving door is located on the EAST side of our building. Please use visitor parking area. Once inside the vestibule there is a sign-in sheet on the window counter and SHL staff to take your samples. Samples are received Mon. through Fri., 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Coralville, IA
Ankeny, IA
Milford, IA