IDNR Laboratory Certification


IDNR Laboratory Certification

Clean Water Act (CWA)

The Iowa Code sections 455B.113 through 455B.115 require certification of laboratories performing analyses of samples which are required to be submitted to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (IDNR). Certification of laboratories for analysis of wastewater samples began in 1996. The certification program applies to laboratory analytical methods for wastewater analysis specified in IAC 567 Chapter 83.1(3)c. Routine on-site monitoring for pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, total residual chlorine, other pollutants that must be analyzed immediately upon sample collection, settleable solids, physical measurements such as flow and cell depth, and operational monitoring tests specified in 567subrule 63.3(4) are excluded from this requirement.

With rule changes effective 2/11/2004, the IDNR groups the CWA parameters into seven analytical groups for the purpose of certification.

Wastewater laboratory certification is performed in accordance with the "Manual for the Certification of Laboratories Analyzing Environmental Samples for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Criteria and Procedures," Quality Assurance, Chapter 3. (July 2017) This document lists and discusses the evaluation factors and states the criteria that will be used for evaluation of laboratories seeking certification in Iowa for provision of Wastewater program data to IDNR. Laboratories are required to perform satisfactorily on a blind proficiency evaluation study annually.

See Basic Analytes For Wastewater (August 2003) for additional information concerning certification for WW Basic analysis.