Lab announces holiday hours
In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, the State Hygienic Laboratory will follow these hours of operation.

Stop the threat of antibiotic resistance CDC antibiotics week logo
Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a major global health and food safety concern that can affect anyone, anywhere and anytime. There is an increasing number of bacterial infections that are resistant to antibiotics, which endangers our ability to treat many common infectious diseases such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, food-borne diseases and gonorrhea.

First flu-related death of season reported in Iowa
An elderly man from central Iowa who died in October was the first flu-related death in the state for the 2017-2018 season, the Iowa Department of Public Health announced on Oct. 30. The season officially begins in October and runs through April. There were 134 influenza-related deaths in Iowa during the 2016-2017 season.

Second West Nile death in Iowa is confirmed
A second death related to West Nile virus has been confirmed in Iowa, the Iowa Department of Public Health announced on Oct. 11. The first West Nile death was reported on Sept. 29.

Measles decreasing worldwide but still a threatmorbillivirus
The number of annual measles-related deaths worldwide dipped below an estimated 100,000 in 2016, the World Health Organization reported. This follows an increase in the number of countries providing the second dose of measles vaccine through routine immunization services to 164 (85 percent) of 194 countries. Approximately 119 million persons were vaccinated against measles during supplementary immunization activities in 2016.

CDC management fellow joins SHLJenny Ostrowski
A fellow from the CDC’s Public Health Associate Program (PHAP) joined the State Hygienic Laboratory on Oct. 2 to contribute to the laboratory's management programs and project development. Jenny Ostrowski is the third fellow since 2013 assigned to SHL through the CDC two-year, competitive training program.

SHL responds to white powder eventAn Iowa clinical laboratorian examines inactive cultures of infectious diseases during the 2017 SHL Emergency Preparedness workshop.
The State Hygienic Lab Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response on Oct. 12 demonstrated its important role in identifying unknown substances that could threaten human health. A patient who may have been exposed to an unknown white powder went to an Iowa hospital for treatment. Following a rigorous handling and shipping process to ensure safety, the hospital sent a sample of the potential chemical agent to the State Hygienic Laboratory for testing.

Student Mentorship deadline is Dec. 1Stephany Cochran (right) works with three sixth-grade students – known as GERMinators – to identify bacterial colonies that have grown in a petri dish. Evan Raefield (left), Ari Collins and Anna Mattson are Student Mentorship recipients who are studying how to limit the spread of germs on gloves.
Students from junior high and high school interested in science and laboratory testing may apply for the State Hygienic Laboratory’s Student Mentorship Program. The deadline for applications is Dec. 1.