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Test requests and results have new lookTest requests and results have new look
The Disease Control Division at the State Hygienic Laboratory is moving to a new laboratory information management system (OpenELIS) on Sunday, March 1. The new system will affect how clinical specimens (except for neonatal screening, maternal screening and rabies) are reported, billed, and accessed through the web.

Measles Testing GuidanceMeasles Testing Guidance
There are currently NO confirmed or suspected cases of measles in Iowa; however, measles cases are occurring in Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois and South Dakota, as well as the West Coast.

Updates to Web Access PortalUpdates to Web Access Portal
Updates and improvements to the web portal that provides online access to test results will be implemented the morning of Sunday, Feb. 15. Details about these changes will be available on that day by clicking the Test Results icon on the SHL home page.

Syphilis and legionella tests discontinuing Feb. 1Syphilis and legionella tests discontinuing Feb. 1
The State Hygienic Lab will be discontinuing the confirmatory syphilis Fluorescent treponemal antibody absorption test (FTA-ABS) and the Legionella Antibody (Total) serology test effective Feb. 1, 2015.

Ebola InformationEbola Information
The State Hygienic Laboratory of Iowa has been certified to perform the Department of Defense Emergency Use Authorization RT-PCR assay for Ebola virus (EV). Testing for EV will only be considered in a person who has both consistent clinical symptoms and risk factors as follows: