Bleeding disorders linked to synthetic cannabinoids useSynthetic cannabinoids.
CDC on May 25 released a health advisory regarding a life-threatening bleeding disorder associated with the usage of synthetic cannabinoid products containing a type of rodent poison.

SHL partners with counties in water survey
The State Hygienic Laboratory and county public health agencies in 15 Iowa counties recently released results from the 2017 Iowa Well Survey, an ongoing effort to monitor drinking water quality in privately owned wells across Iowa.

1918 influenza pandemic haunts victim
This is the second article in a series of stories about the outbreak of influenza that began in 1918. During the 100th anniversary of this infamous pandemic, Lab Link will tell stories of the outbreak from an Iowa perspective. These have been collected by its Pandemic Influenza Storybook.

SHL publishes interactive Annual Report
SHL recently published an interactive version of its Annual Report, “From Complexity to Clarity – Bringing Public Health Laboratory Science into Focus.” It is now available in the Publications section of the SHL website.

Vector-borne illnesses are on the rise
The number of diseases spread by mosquito, tick and flea bites has tripled in the US from more than 27,000 in 2004 to more than 96,000 in 2016.