The Serology section tests blood serum for levels of antibodies resulting from exposure to a particular bacteria or virus. This includes the Interferon-y release assay Quantiferon testing for latent tuberculosis. Quantiferon testing increased in fiscal year 2013 due to the continued growth in the number of incoming foreign-born students attending Iowa universities for which the Hygienic Laboratory provides TB testing. An acute shortage of the antigen used in TB skin tests this year was another factor in the surge in Quantiferon testing.

Arbovirus surveillance continued with very limited funding available for the program. A total of five flocks of eight sentinel chickens were placed around the state and were tested each week for West Nile Virus (WNV) IgM antibody. This surveillance testing is used to predict WNV activity in an area and is a measure of the potential risk of the disease to humans in the area.

FY13 achievements: