Center for the Advancement of Laboratory Science




Our goal is to promote and advance the future of public and environmental health laboratory science in order to better accomplish the mission and vision of our organization and enhance the fields of public and environmental health.

In pursuit of this goal, our focus is on serving the needs of our current and future workforce by providing resources and expertise. Through these efforts, we regularly host and participate in the training of students and working professionals at all levels of their education and careers, and we bring together common interest groups to facilitate collaborations across multiple disciplines.

  • Beth Hochstedler – Director of Training and Outreach

The CALS is a unique space and resource available for community, state, regional and national partners to use for meetings, conferences, workshops, training events and beyond. It brings together students, educators, researchers and other members of our scientific and geographic communities who share our commitment to advancing the future of laboratory science.

This state-of-the-art facility is primarily intended to provide educational experience and to facilitate interaction among multiple disciplines and interest groups within the public and environmental health arenas. It is available to the University of Iowa research communities and will enable the State Hygienic laboratory to provide training and support for researchers and laboratory staff at the University and throughout the state. The Center provides space for working with educational programs to offer real world experience to students of all ages. It serves as a supplemental laboratory training space for government agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security and CDC and provides critical surge capacity testing space during emergency events that occur in Iowa or the Midwest, such as a pandemic influenza outbreak.

  • Iowa State Board of Health Meeting
  • TRiO Upward Bound Project at the University of Iowa
  • Reflective Assessment for Elementary Science in Iowa (RAES-Iowa) teacher training, hosted by the UI College of Education and the State Hygienic Laboratory
  • Kirkwood Interactive Camps for Kids (KICKs) Camp – Why Can’t I Drink My Water?, hosted by the State Hygienic Laboratory
  • KICKs Camp – Zombie Apocalypse (Preparedness), hosted by the State Hygienic Laboratory
  • STEM Scale-up Teacher Professional Development Training – Hyperstream, hosted by the Southeast Iowa STEM Hub
  • Southeast Iowa Regional STEM Hub Board Meeting
  • Newborn Screening Education Retreat, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Pediatrics/Genetics
  • STEM Scale-up Teacher Professional Development Training – A World In Motion, hosted by the Southeast Iowa STEM Hub
  • Environmental Laboratory Symposium, hosted by the State Hygienic Laboratory
  • University of Iowa Research Park Quarterly Roundtable Meeting
  • Venture School, hosted by the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center
  • Startup Weekend – Iowa City, hosted by the Iowa City Area Development (ICAD) group
  • Iowa Food Safety Task Force Meeting
  • Public Health Seminar: “World war Ebola: Why is this time different?” Dr. Wade Aldous, Director of Disease Control Division, State Hygienic Laboratory
  • Iowa State Legislature Fiscal Committee Meeting
  • Webinar Broadcast: Iowa Climate Statement 2014 – Impacts on the Health of Iowans
  • Food Safety Microbiology Workshop, hosted by the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals and the State Hygienic Laboratory
  • 2nd Annual Climate Science Educator’s Forum, hosted by the Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research and the State Hygienic Laboratory
  • IowaBio Law Legal Symposium on Intellectual Property, hosted by the Iowa Biotech Association
  • University of Iowa STEM Group Meeting
  • State Hygienic Laboratory Board of External Advisors Quarterly Meeting
  • Environmental Health Seminar: “Environmental measurements enroute to quality of life: Perspectives on ‘Big Data’” Dr. R. Rajagopal, Professor of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences, University of Iowa
  • Johson County Partners Meeting
  • Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council – Iowa STEM Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) site visit meeting
  • DeGowin Blood Center – State Hygienic Laboratory Winter Blood Drive
  • Iowa Afterschool Alliance Meeting
  • Iowa City Community School District Secondary Science Teachers Professional Development Visit

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